Executive Recruitment

Executive recruitment

As part of our Executive Recruitment services we assist and advise leading aviation companies including Airlines, MRO’s and Leasing Companies in sourcing and recruiting for all senior management positions up to and including VP and CEO level.

We offer bespoke recruitment services, however, Executive Recruitment will typically follow the following methodology;

Phase 1 – Establishing the Recruitment Campaign

  • We will always endeavour to meet with you in person to discuss the role and if necessary assist with job specification development.
  • Once the job specification is complete we advertise the job through our usual channels, or as agreed with you.
  • Simultaneously with the above step, we review our existing talent pool for suitable candidates. We are filling an increasingly high percentage of posts from this internal source.
  • We will then extend our headhunting to external databases as required.

Phase 2 – Sourcing and Preliminary Screening

  • We compile a long list of candidates for consideration.
  • Once a long list is established we perform a detailed experience/job analysis.
  • Candidate engagement commences and applications are invited.
  • In-depth telephonic interviews are then conducted to establish or verify key experience criteria of the applicants.

Phase 3

  • We then submit a long list to you for discussion and agreement on short list for formal interviews.
  • A follow up call with shortlisted candidates will always take place to establish that they have a definite interest in pursuing the opportunity.
  • Interviews are then arranged and coordinated.


We will continue to support you in the process to the level that you require.

Also, please feel free to review our full Managed HR Service which can be tailored to meet the needs of you organisation.

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