A320 First Officers & Captains – UK and Turkey Bases


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About the Client:

Established in 2005, The company is going through substantial growth period now operating nine A320 and two A321 based around the world.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: A320 First Officers

  • A320 type rated and currently flying the A320;
  • Minimum 1000 hours total time;
  • Minimum 500 hours on A320;
  • EASA/JAR-FCL-ATPL / ATPL frozen;
  • Class 1 medical;
  • English ICAO level 4;
  • Right to live and work in the EU.



  • A320 type rated and currently flying the A320;
  • A total flight experience of 3000 hours including 1000 hours as a commander on other aircraft with MTOW over 20,000kg (preferred) and 500 hours as a commander on Airbus A320 family
  • Class 1 medical;
  • English ICAO level 4;
  • Right to live and work in EU.

The exact base locations will be either of the following: UK (Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands) and Turkey (Antalya)


SIM Assessment Dates:

July 08

July 11

July 16


If successful, Candidate to commence OCC on 18th July 2019.

SIM ASSESSMENT: Pilots are to Book Flight tickets for SIM Assessment to be held in VNO and the airline client will cover Hotel accommodation for Max 2 Nights. Pilots will be reimbursed on flight tickets after successfully joining and passing line check.


  • Updated CV
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • ATPL License
  • Passport
  • Last 3 pages of Log Book


You can apply by clicking on the “Im Interested” Button OR can also email your Details to edwina@ryanaviation.net


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