We are delighted to recruit B737 and A320 Captains and First Officers for our new ACMI client Airline GETJET AIRLINES


The founders of GETJET Airlines had been living and breathing aviation long before this company was born. They came together driven by the same idea – that there was a growing demand for ACMI lease and that existing supply will fail to meet this demand in the near future.

The founders quickly established that their views on how a business should be run matched. All of them believed in an open company culture, strict ethics code and deep devotion to client needs. This all put together resulted in the founding of GETJET Airlines.

After a successful certification process, the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania (CAA) granted an air operator’s certificate (AOC) to GETJET Airlines in March, 2016. In May of the same year they obtained an EU commercial license.

Wet lease services soon commenced and the first ever GETJET Airlines flight took place on May 25, 2016. One year later “we can say with confidence that our first year was a spectacular success”

During our first season, aircraft operated by GJA flew nearly twice the distance to the Moon and back, carrying 300 000 passengers.

They signed wet lease contracts with companies such as Ellinair (Greece), Blue Panorama (Italy), Small Planet Airlines (Lithuania), EnterAir (Poland), airBaltic (Latvia), and Germania (Germany), among others.

GETJET Airlines fleet consists of five Boeing 737s (four 737-400s and one 737-300) and three more B737s will join the fleet in April, 2018. The goal is to have 10 Boeing 737 aircraft by the end of 2018 (8 x Boeing Classics and two 737 NGs (737-800).